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Thermo Fisher SPE cartridge equivalent - HyperSep


GL Sciences Equivalent for Thermo Fisher SPE cartridges

Thermo Fisher SPE cartridge equivalent InertSep

InertSep SPE columns from GL Sciences are designed for easy and cost-effective preparation of laboratory samples. With a wide variety of polymer and silica-based sorbents, InertSep SPE columns allows you to prepare samples with the exact separation mode and chemistry needed.



Thermo Fisher SPE cartridge equivalent InertSep

Available in multiple formats:

Cartridge SPE column


Large-size Cartridge SPE column

Large-size cartridge

Luer Device type SPE column

Luer Device Type

96-well plate SPE column

96-Well Plate


For effective extraction of a wide variety of compounds from non-polar to high-polarity using a hydrophilic-lipophilic balanced phase 

InertSep HLB

Thermo Fisher equivalent InertSep HLB

InertSep HLB is a composite polymer solid phase of N-containing vinyl polymer and styrene divinylbenzene. By optimizing the balance between hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity with a unique synthetic technology, InertSep HLB can retain and elute compounds with a wide range of polarities.

Available in several particle sizes for different flow requirements.

 InertSep HLBInertSep HLB FF
Average particle diameter (μm)3060
Surface area (m2/g)720
Pore volume (mL/g)1.3
Fine pore size (nm)7
pH range of use1-14

High-efficiency reversed phase extraction with a highly end-capped C18 phase

InertSep C18

Recommended GL Sciences equivalent for Thermo Fisher HyperSep C18

Thermo Fisher HyperSep C18 equivalent InertSep C18

InertSep C18 is a silica-based sorbent modified with C18 for non-polar interactions. With our high-level end-capping technology, cation exchange by interaction with the residual silanol groups is suppressed, which reduces adsorption of basic compounds. This sorbent is suitable for removing lipid in simultaneous analysis of pesticide residues in agricultural products.

Available in several particle sizes for different flow requirements.

 InertSep C18InertSep C18 FF
Average particle diameter (μm)60120
Carbon Load (%)19
Surface area (m2/g)450
Pore volume (mL/g)0.7
Fine pore size (nm)6
pH range of use2-8

2x4 Method Phases

GL Sciences provides several mixed-mode SPE sorbents for use with the 2x4 Method. GL Sciences SPE phases feature stable holding power, excellent permeability and selection of particle sizes including large diameters with high flow-rate ideal for sample pre-treatment. 

 InertSep MCX FFInertSep MAX FFInertSep WCX FFInertSep WAX FF
Recommended equivalent to HyperSep Retain CX HyperSep Retain AX   
Functional group―SO3-―N-(CH3)3―COO-―NR2
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Average particle diameter (μm)70
Surface area (m2/g) 480
Pore volume (mL/g)1.1
Fine pore size (nm)9
pH range of use1-14
Ion exchange capacity (meq/g)

Complete list of InertSep equivalent phases for Thermo Fisher SPE columns

Thermo FisherBase GelModeInertSep
Polymer based
Reversed Phase
InertSep HLB
 InertSep PLS-3
 InertSep Pharma
HyperSep Retain PEPEZ Cartridge RP-1
 InertSep PLS-2
HyperSep Retain CX
Ion Exchange
InertSep MCX
 InertSep WCX
HyperSep Retain AXInertSep MAX
 InertSep WAX
HyperSep C18
Silica based
Reversed Phase
InertSep C18
 InertSep C18-B
 InertSep C18-C
HyperSep C8InertSep C8
 InertSep C2
 InertSep CH
HyperSep PhenylInertSep PH
HyperSep Cyano
Normal Phase
InertSep CN
HyperSep DiolInertSep 2OH
HyperSep SilicaInertSep SI
HyperSep Carboxylic acid(WCX)
Ion Exchange
InertSep CBA
 InertSep PRS
HyperSep SCXInertSep SCX
 InertSep SCX-2
HyperSep Aminopropyl (WAX)InertSep NH2
 InertSep PSA
HyperSep SAXInertSep SAX
 InertSep SAX-2
InertSep AL-A
 InertSep AL-N
 InertSep AL-B
HyperSep FlorisilInertSep FL
 InertSep FL-PR
InertSep AC
HyperSep HypercarbInertSep GC
 InertSep DRY
HyperSep SLEInertSep K-solute
 InertSep GC/PSA
 InertSep GC/NH2
 InertSep GC/SAX/PSA
 InertSep SAX/PSA
 InertSep DNPH
HyperSep SLE Phospholipid Remover
 FastRemover MF (0.2um filter)
Pierce Protein Precipitaion plateFastRemover for Protein
HyperSep SLE PlatesFastRemover for Phospholipid
 InertSep PCB
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