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OralChroma separates volatile sulfur compounds in oral breath into three major chemicals - hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide - and measures their concentration. This feature is very helpful for identifying halitosis and confirming the effects of treatment.
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OralChroma SKU: CHM-2


OralChroma Features


Separating halitosis into three major components with high precision

Since OralChroma uses gas chromatography technology, causes of halitosis can be precisely analyzed to confirm breath odor diagnostics treatment.

Sophisticated data management software included (DataManager)

DataManager is a graphical software providing halitosis strength level, patient's data history, etc.

Real time halitosis measurement

Halitosis level judgement

Patient's data history


Setup guide/Operation guide

Setup guide

Operation guide


Simple breath sampling with a supplied syringe

You can freely select where to place OralChroma without being worried about permanent installation.




Item Contents
Product OralChroma
Model CHM-2 (Blue: CHM-2-BL, Pink: CHM-2-PK)
Detection method Simple gas chromatography using semiconductor gas sensor
Sample amount 1.0cc
Detection gas Following components included in volatile sulfur compounds:
1.Hydrogen sulfide  2.Methyl mercaptan  3.Dimethyl sulfide
Measuring time 4 minutes
Measuring unit ng/10ml and ppb
Sampling method Manual sampling with a syringe
Operating humidity 80% RH or less (no condensation)
Operating temperature 10 to 30℃
Storage humidity 20 to 90% RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature -20 to 60℃
Power supply 100 to 240V AC、50/60Hz
Power consumption 60VA
Size 280(W)×170(H)×385(D) (mm)
Weight 4kg
External connection USB
Attached software OralChromaDataManager


* OralChroma is a measuring device.



Part # Item
CHM-2 SYRINGE Syringe w/o needle, 100 pcs. / box


There are application notes for OralChroma.


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