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FM4: Air Sampler for PFAS

Sku: 1050-10015
Marca: GL Sciences
El muestreador de aire para PFAS (FM4) es un nuevo muestreador de aire de bajo volumen que puede analizar PFAS en partículas y gases en una sola muestra. Puede lograr un análisis integral en un solo muestreo porque cada etapa del mismo tiene material y configuración optimizados para cada sustancia objetivo.
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FM4: Air Sampler for PFAS SKU: 1050-10015



Product Appearance (FM4)




Comprehensive Sampling


Both particulate substance & a gaseous substance can be collected simultaneously with one compact sampler.  Since it is possible to evaluate the collection amount for each material, comprehensive evaluation is possible.

Capable of Collecting

Gaseous PFAS (FTOH, etc.)

The collection of gaseous PFASs in the air, which was difficult to collect, is now possible with the newly activated carbon desorption material.

Excellent Recovery for The Most 

Volatile 4:2 FTOH

We have achieved recovery rates 

for various PFAS.

Compact &  Portable


A lightweight & compact air sampler that is 

easy to carry & does not take up

much floor space.


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PFAS that can be collected using FM4


  Group   Compounds
Perfluoroalkyl sulfonic acid PFSAs PFEtS, PFPrS, PFBS, PFHxS, PFOS, PFDS
  Perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acid PFCAs PFPrA (C3)- PFTeDA (C14), PFHxDA, PFOcDA
  Fluorotelomer sulfonic acid FTSAs 6:2 FTSA, 8:2 FTSA
  Fluorotelomer unsaturated carboxylic acid FTUCAs 8:2 FTUCA, 10:2 FTUCA
  Perfluorooctanoic sulfonamide acetic acid FOSAAs N-MeFOSAA, N-EtFOSAA
Perfluorooctanoic sulfonamide     

GAIAC™, Carbon Fiber Disk


A newly developed new functional activated carbon adsorbent (GAIAC) is used for obtaining gaseous PFAS.

Conventional activated carbons have complicated pores; although they can be adsorbed, they cannot be fully eluted. GAIAC is an innovative sorbent composed of synthetic resin fiber with optimized pore and surface activity, which enables the collection and elution of PFAS.




FM4: Air Sampler for PFAS   Part #: 1050-10015

Qty: 1 set
Material: Aluminum (anodizing treatment)
Dimension: 60 mm x 195 mm
Weight: approx. 900g
Connector: Rc 1/4"

* When using it outside, put it in a place rain cannot enter inside.
* This product does not include a sampling pump.




  Part # Item
Filters 1050-13020 GAIAC FF047 20pcs (2 x 10pks)
  1050-13021 Polyurethane Foam Filter, 10pcs  PUF4750
  1050-13022 Quartz Fiber Filter, 31 mm, 100pcs, QFF31
  1050-13023 Quartz Fiber Filter, 47 mm, 100pcs, QFF47
Replacements 1050-13001 Inlet cover
  1050-13002 PM10 nozzle
  1050-13003 PM2.5 nozzle
  1050-13004 PM1.0 nozzle
  1050-13005 Filter adapter
  1050-13006 Polyurethane foam filter holder
  1050-13007 Base
  1050-13008 Metal snap strap
  1050-13009 O-ring, EPDM, 10pcs
  1050-13010 Impactor, 29 mm
  1050-13011 Impactor, 31 mm
  1050-13012 Impactor (lower)
  1050-13013 Metal Mesh
  1050-13014 PP ring, 6pcs




FM4: Air Sampler for PFAS