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Solvent Degassing Systems Gastorr AG Series

Brand: FLOM
A trouble-less degassing series. AG-40 uses Teflon™ AF for the vacuum tubing. The auto cleaning function prevents liquefaction of solvent left inside the vacuum chamber to protect the vacuum pump from deterioration.


• Low-cost alternative for low flow applications
• Auto cleaning function prevents vacuum pump deterioration
• CPU control achieves stable degassing
• Independent chamber design prevents solvent contamination
• Choose from 2 channel or 4 channel configurations



*1:Teflon ™ AF is a registered trademark of the Chemours Corporation. Note: cannot be used with fluorinated solvents.

Flow Rate and Dissolved Oxygen Level

  • Solvent: Distilled water 25 
  • Vacuum level: 100 hPa
  • Degassing unit: AG-34-01

* The data is the result from experiments performed at our factory. Contact FLOM for details.

Note that degassing performance varies greatly depending on operating conditions.


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Solvent Degassing Systems Gastorr AG Series