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InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns

Brand: InertSustain
Generally, silica based columns are mechanically stable and provide high efficiencies, however, they cannot be used under alkaline conditions and their residual silanol groups tend to adsorb organic bases. InertSustain C18 employs a radically new type of silica, in which the surface of the silica is uniquely modified, enabling precise control of the silica properties.

InertSustain C18 inherits the advantages of all the current Inertsil HPLC columns (e.g., extremely low operating back pressure, superior inertness to typically any analytes, high efficiency and compatibility with a wide range of solvents), but now can be used for wide pH analysis with consistent performance from column to column and lot to lot.


• High Inertness
• Extremely Low Operating Back Pressure
• Long Column Lifetime
• pH Range from 1 ~ 10
• Reliable Reproducibility


Physical Properties

  • Silica : High Purity ES Silica Gel
  • Particle Size : 2 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm
  • Surface Area : 350 m2/g
  • Pore Size : 100 Å (10 nm)
  • Pore Volume : 0.85 mL/g
  • Functional Group : Octadecyl
  • End-capping : Yes
  • Carbon Loading : 14 %
  • USP Code : L1
  • pH Range : 1 - 10
InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Functional Group

Tailing of peaks or adsorption of peaks can be experienced when a column has residual adsorption sites. Such phenomenon would not be observed on InertSustain as the silanols are completely end-capped, having a neutral silica surface. 

Figure 1 : Basic Compounds

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Basic compounds comparison

Figure 2 : Acidic Compounds

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Acidic compounds comparison

Figure 3 : Chelating Compounds

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Chelating compounds comparison

Comparison of Performance to Core-Shell Columns

As shown below, core-shell columns show peak tailing due to the presence of trace metals or silanol groups in their silica gel. Quantitative and qualitative analysis will be a source of concern since the adsorption of compounds can be expected.

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Comparison to Core-shell columns

Wide pH compatibility with Long Column Lifetime

As shown in the experiment below, due to the introduction of Evolved Surface Silica, InertSustain C18 columns maintained high efficiency and peak shape for 300 hours while other “wide pH” column brands failed.

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Column Lifetime graph

Experience the InertSustain! (Inertness and Sustainability)

Highly end-capped ODS columns such as InertSustain C18 columns offer an opportunity to flush out contaminants from the column surface easily using an organic solvent. Coffee melanoidins are brown heterogeneous polymers contained in coffee. Its components are not clarified yet, but it is considered to contain several ionic compounds, which a poorly end-capped column will adsorb those ionic compounds leading to short column lifetime.

As for ODS column, which is commonly used for HPLC and LC/MS/MS, its inertness has an influence not only on peak shape but also detection sensitivity and durability. It is highly recommended to use highly end-capped column which provides good peak shape for both basic and acidic compounds such as InertSustain C18.

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Flushing figure

Reliable Reproducibility, Performance and Quality

Rigorous quality control of physical properties and strict chromatographic tests for inertness and selectivity, contribute to the production of InertSustain C18 columns with outstanding reproducibility and long column lifetime.

Figure 1 : Strong Basic Compound Test

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Basic Compounds graph

Figure 2 : Strong Acidic Compound Test

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Acidic Compounds graph

Figure 3 : Strong Chelating Compound Test

InertSustain C18 HPLC Columns Chelating Compounds graph

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