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Delay Column for PFAS is packed with high-purity activated carbon, which is able to retain contaminants originating from the mobile phase or the LC system. Elution of retained contaminants is delayed allowing for the effects of the contaminants on the analysis to be reduced. This column is quite useful for PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl S...
InertSep MA-2 is a methacrylate polymer based sorbent modified with, which includes a weak anion exchange function group. Because polymer base gel occurs little secondary interaction, SPE by genuine anion exchange interaction can be achieved with this sorbent. Specifications Average Particle Size: 70 µm Surface Area: 250 m2/g Pore Volume:...
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InertSep WAX FF is a sorbent based on styrene divinylbenzene polymer modified by a weak anion-exchange group. Its reversed-phase, anion-exchange action and exceptional retention of acidic compounds make it suitable for purification of samples containing basic and neutral impurities. By controlling the pH, it can be used to recover acidic ...
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InertSep PLS-2 is a SDB (Styrene divinylbenzene) polymer based reversed phase mode sorbent. Compared to a silica based C18 sorbent, InertSep PLS-2 has a quite higher sorbent retentive capacity and better stability in pH range. Specifications Average Particle Size: 70 µm Surface Area: 700 m2/g Pore Volume: 1.1 mL/g Pore Size: 7 nm pH Range...
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OralChroma separates volatile sulfur compounds in oral breath into three major chemicals - hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide - and measures their concentration. This feature is very helpful for identifying halitosis and confirming the effects of treatment.