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Equivalent to Dikma C18 Column - Biobond, Inspire, Diamonsil, Platisil & More

GL Sciences Dikma Equivalent HPLC Columns

The most trusted HPLC columns since 1968. GL Sciences offer an excellent alternative to Dikma HPLC Columns.

GL Sciences HPLC Columns

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HPLC Columns GL Sciences

GL Science HPLC Columns Deliver:

HPLC High Inertness

High Inertness

Low Back Pressure

High Reproducibility


Latest Technology

InertSustain C18 Columns

Latest HPLC column technology. Provides superior resolution & peak shape with best in class end-capping technology.


Recommended GL Sciences equivalent for Dikma C18 Columns:

  • Endeavorsil C18
  • Leapsil C18
  • Diamonsil C18
  • Spursil C18

Latest Technology

InertCore Plus C18

High performance core-shell column for UHPLC/HPLC.


Most Popular

Inertsil C18 Columns

For more than a decade, Inertsil has been the industry standard in state-of-the-art reverse phase HPLC columns. 


Recommended GL Sciences equivalent for Dikma C18 Columns:


Other GL Sciences Recommended HPLC Columns

Manufacturer Column Bonding type USP GL Sciences Recommended Column
Dikma Platisil ODS C18 L1 InertSustain AQ-C18
Dikma Biobond C8 C8 L7 Inertsil WP300 C8
Dikma Diamonsil C8 C8 L7 InertSustain C8
Dikma Biobond C4 C4 L26 Inertsil WP300 C4
Dikma Platisil CN CN L10 InertSustain Cyano
Dikma Platisil NH2 NH2 L8 Inertsil NH2
Dikma Platisil PH Phenyl L11 Inertsil Ph-3
Dikma Inspire Diol Diol L20 Inertsil Diol
Dikma Platisil Silica Silica L3 Inertsil SIL-100A
Dikma Inspire HILIC   - Inertsil WP300 SIL




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