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Equivalent to Bonna-Agela C18 Column - Venusil, Durashell, Unisol & More

GL Sciences Bonna-Agela Equivalent HPLC Columns

The most trusted HPLC columns since 1968. GL Sciences offer an excellent alternative to Bonna-Agela HPLC Columns.

GL Sciences HPLC Columns

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HPLC Columns GL Sciences

GL Science HPLC Columns Deliver:

HPLC High Inertness

High Inertness

Low Back Pressure

High Reproducibility


Latest Technology

InertSustain C18 Columns

Latest HPLC column technology. Provides superior resolution & peak shape with best in class end-capping technology.


Recommended GL Sciences equivalent for Bonna-Agela C18 Columns:

  • Venusil XBP C18(2)
  • Venusil XBP C18
  • UHP Innoval C18
  • Durashell C18
  • Unisol C18
  • Unisol C18(2)
  • Venusil C18 Plus

Latest Technology

InertCore Plus C18

High performance core-shell column for UHPLC/HPLC.


Recommended GL Sciences equivalent for Bonshell C18 Columns:

  • Bonshell ASB C18
  • Bonshell C18

Most Popular

Inertsil C18 Columns

For more than a decade, Inertsil has been the industry standard in state-of-the-art reverse phase HPLC columns. 


Recommended GL Sciences equivalent for Bonna-Agela C18 Columns:


Other GL Sciences Recommended HPLC Columns

ManufacturerColumnBonding typeUSPGL Sciences Recommended Column
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C18(L)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C18(T)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C18(A)C18L1InertSustain AQ-C18
Bonna-AgelaVenusil AQ C18C18L1InertSustain AQ-C18
Bonna-AgelaUHP AQ C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
Bonna-AgelaUHP ASB C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
Bonna-AgelaDurashell C18(L)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
Bonna-AgelaInnoval C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
Bonna-AgelaPromosil C18C18L1InertSustain AQ-C18
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C8C8L7InertSustain C8
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C8(L)C8L7InertSustain C8
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C8(T)C8L7InertSustainSwift C8
Bonna-AgelaVenusil ASB C8(T)C8L7Inertsil WP300 C8
Bonna-AgelaDurashell C8C8L7InertSustain C8
Bonna-AgelaUnisol C8C8L7InertSustain C8
Bonna-AgelaPromosil C8C8L7Inertsil C8-4
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP C4C4L26Inertsil C4
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP CNCNL10InertSustain Cyano
Bonna-AgelaPromosil CNCNL10InertSustain Cyano
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
Bonna-AgelaDurashell NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
Bonna-AgelaPromosil NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
Bonna-AgelaVenusil XBP PhenylPhenylL11InertSustain Phenyl
Bonna-AgelaVenusil ASB PhenylPhenylL11InertSustain Phenyl
Bonna-AgelaDurashell PhenylPhenylL11InertSustain Phenylhexyl
Bonna-AgelaVenusil PFPPFPL43InertSustain PFP
Bonna-AgelaUnisol Amide(HILIC)AmideL68InertSustain Amide
Bonna-AgelaVenusil HILICAmideL1InertSustain Amide
Bonna-AgelaUHP HILICHILICL68InertSustain Amide
Bonna-AgelaVenusil SCXSCXL9Inertsil CX



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