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Inertsil columns were developed by GL Sciences in 1986 for sample separations using high-performance liquid chromatography. Starting with Inertsil ODS, a new type of bonded silica was produced providing unmatched  performance and reproducibility. Further refinements of evolved silica and the introduction of new phases have allowed Inertsil to achieve industry leading performance for analyte separation to become one of the most highly used columns for HPLC. Read more

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Inertsil ODS-3 is still GL Sciences’ most popular phase and continues to be used widely and reliably for long-established methods in pharmaceutical, and contract research labs. Inertsil ODS-3 columns have a relatively strong retentivity compared to commercially available ODS columns. In addition, the introduction of higher surface area si...
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Inertsil ODS-3V offers all of the outstanding chromatographic benefits of Inertsil ODS-3 with the added benefit of a more thoroughly documented, validated QC procedure consistent with the demands of GLP/GMP compliance. Each Inertsil ODS-3V is delivered with a Manufacturer‘s Validation Certificate showing the detailed results of every QA ...
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The same base silica gel and bonding technology that is used for Inertsil ODS-3 is also employed for Inertsil C8-3. The difference between the two phases is just the length of the hydrocarbon ligands. 10 μm particle size columns are also available to meet the requirement of various pharmacopeia methods. We recommend InertSustain C8 column...
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Inertsil ODS-2 columns have a pore size of 150 Å offering symmetric peaks for bases, acids with low pressure. When Inertsil ODS-2 was introduced in 1987s, this HPLC transformed the entire industry. Inertsil ODS-2 was the first HPLC phase created using ultra high purity silica, which produced superior base deactivation. Inertsil ODS-2 is o...
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Inertsil C8 columns have a pore size of 150 Å and it is recommended for rapid analysis of highly hydrophobic compounds. We recommend InertSustain C8 or Inertsil C8-4 columns for all new method development.
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High inertness — Inertsil columns feature sophisticated surface treatment to provide exceptionally low interference of analyte by surface silanols


Extremely low operating back pressure — new surface silica technology allows for the production of particles with a high degree of uniform size, shape, and distribution which vastly lowers the operating back pressure, allowing for long column service life

Inertsil silica

High reproducibility — produced exclusively in GL Sciences' in-house facilities with a high level of quality control, Inertsil columns are guaranteed to provide excellent reproducibility of results from lot-to-lot

Inertsil lot-to-lot performanc

History of Inertsil columns

Inertsil series history

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