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Cleanup Bulk

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These bulks are used for sample cleanup for dioxin analysis and are supplied in a glass bottle put in a light-shielding bag. [D/G]: Item is classified as a dangerous good
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Florisil is magnesium silicate that removes interfering substances that are not removed by other sorbents. The typical activation is carried out overnight at 130 °C and cooled in a desiccator, but it may be further heated to increase adsorption capacity or weakened by addition of water. Florisil PR (60/100 mesh) is suitable for a pesticid...
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Active carbon beads are spherical activated carbon made from petroleum-based pitch, and they are activated in spherical form, giving reproducible results for the collection and desorption of organic substances in water without fine powder of them. (Reference: K. Kadokami, R. Shinohara, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 35, No. 10, pp. 875-879, ...
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Clean-up glass cartridge columns containing multiple layers of prepared silica gel described in JIS K 0311-1999 and K-0312-1999. Note: We also offer cartridge columns packed in multiple layers to meet customer preferences. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. [D/G]: Item is classified as a dangerous good
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Carbon silica gel has a structure in which activated carbon is deposited on the surface of spherical silica gel. By controlling the amount of activated carbon on the surface, it is possible to prepare carbon silica gel with different adsorption forces according to the GC/MS measurement conditions. Three different types of carbon are avail...
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These cartridges are designed for sample cleanup for dioxin analysis in compliance with JIS K-0311-1999, K-0312-1999. The cartridges are made of PP and compatible with automated instruments. [D/G]: Item is classified as a dangerous good
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