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High Selectivity Inorganic Separating Bulk

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MetaSEP AnaLig gels are available for separating a wide variety of inorganic materials in different sample matrices.
The MetaSEP IC series is a clean-up cartridge developed for ion chromatography. It is convenient for high salt concentration sample desalination treatment, removal of co-anions and cations. Cartridges for removing organic reduce the load of ion chromatographic columns. The desalting cartridge is expected to reduce LC/MS, LC/MS/MS ion supp...
The MetaSEP CH Series is a cellulosic fiber cartridge using chelating fibers from Chrest. By adopting cellulose fiber, it is inexpensive and has high retention capacity. It has excellent liquid permeability and is suitable for heavy metal treatment of large volume waste liquids. CH-1 (aminopolycarboxylic acid type) is used for removal of ...