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Size Exclusion Columns (SEC) / HPLC

GL Sciences offers size exclusion columns featuring diol phases for separation of large molecules in both aqueous and organic SEC. Size exclusion columns featuring large pore sizes are available for analyzing a broader range of molecular weights. Our SEC columns feature silica as base material allowing for higher maximum operating pressure than polymer base columns. 

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Inertsil Diol column has characteristics of dihydroxypropyl group bonded phase. It shows unique selectivity normal phase mode. The separation mechanism of diol column is featured by hydrogen bonding interactions between diol groups and polar compounds. Diol columns provide an alternative selectivity to silica columns often with increased ...
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Inertsil WP300 Diol has dihydroxypropyl group bonded to silica gel with pore size 300 Å and is capable of analyzing large molecules. Like Inertsil Diol, Inertsil WP300 Diol can be used for both aqueous SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography) and organic SEC. Also, as a diol column, Inertsil WP300 Diol can be used in both normal phase and reve...
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Equipped with dihydroxypropyl groups bonded to silica gel, the ProteoSil 300-SEC column is suited for the analysis of large molecules and can be used as a dial column.
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Constructed for aqueous size-exclusion chromatography, the ProteoSil 100-SEC can handle higher operating pressures and is suitable for series column configurations.
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