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PFP & Phenyl Columns / HPLC

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InertSustain PFP columns are bonded with pentafluorophenyl groups to our newly developed ES silica gel, which delivers unique separation patterns with excellent peak shape and sensitivity. The chromatographic difference stems from the fact that the PFP phases provide interactions such as π-π, dipole, hydrogen bonding, and ionic interactio...
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InertSustain Phenylhexyl columns are bonded with phenylhexyl groups, which employs a phenyl ring with a hexyl (6- carbon) linker and is densely bonded to our newly developed ES silica gel delivering complementary selectivity to straight alkyl-chain columns, but with industry leading inertness, lot-to-lot reproducibility and low back press...
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InertSustain Phenyl delivers an extremely unique reverse phase characteristics that are critical to resolving compounds that could not be separated on a C18 or C8 phase. InertSustain Phenyl provides not only pi-pi interactions, but also hydrogen bonding secondary interactions, which results in retaining polar compounds at the same time. A...
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Just like InertSustain Phenyl, Inertsil Ph-3 has phenyl groups directly bonded to the silica gel which provides pure reverse phase characteristics that are critical to resolving highly polar compounds like acidic and basic pharmaceuticals. The near perfect phenyl phase coverage on this material results in symmetric, narrow peaks for even ...
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Inertsil Ph has phenethyl groups bonded to silica gel which offers weak pi-pi interactions. As it is modified with phenethyl groups, hydrophobic interactions between alkyl chain and analytes play an important role in separation as well as π-π interactions. To change the selectivity or elution pattern drastically, InertSustain Phenyl is re...
From $280.00
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