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Normal Phase HPLC Columns

Normal Phase Columns Resources:

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Inertsil CN-3, Cyanopropryl groups bonded to Silica gel with high density. And it is not only increase difference recognition of hydrophilicity, but also increase the durability. It is difficult to increase the both performance with other previous cyanopropryl columns. Inertsil CN-3 can be cleaned with 100 % aqueous solvent because non-sp...
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Inertsil Diol column has characteristics of dihydroxypropyl group bonded phase. It shows unique selectivity normal phase mode. The separation mechanism of diol column is featured by hydrogen bonding interactions between diol groups and polar compounds. Diol columns provide an alternative selectivity to silica columns often with increased ...
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Inertsil SIL-100A is a pure silica gel column available in normal phase mode. Because of the high quality of its silica gel, Inertsil SIL-100A achievs separation with sharp peaks and provides high column-to-column reproducibility. This excellent silica gel ideally designed for HPLC is the basis for “Inertsil 3-series” of GL Scineces. GL S...
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Inertsil SIL-150A is ultra pure silica gel column, and this ultra pure silica gel contains very low level of metal impurities and is durable and free from dents and cracks which can cause premature column failure. Compared to Inertsil SIL-100A, the silica’s surface area is smaller (320 m²/ g). Retentivity of Inertsil SIL-150A is weaker th...
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Inertsil WP300 SIL is pure silica gel phase with wide pores(300 Å). It is available for analysing compounds including large molecules. As the pore becomes wider, the surface area of silica gel is smaller. Since the interactions between the analyte and silica gel occur on the sIlica surface, smaller surface area means less interactions and...
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