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Gas Sampling Bags

Gas sampling bags are widely used as whole air sampling devices for monitoring gases in cabin, emission, workplace environments, indoor, etc. The gas sampling method by bags is ideal for many applications because of the easy introduction to GC or enrichment by concentration tubes. However, the results of analyses may vary depending on the material of the gas sampling bags, which is caused due to permeation or adsorption of gases. In addition, background delivered from the bag materials may disturb the determination of the target compounds. Therefore selecting the right gas sampling bag material is essential for successful analysis.

GL Sciences provides high quality gas sampling bags for your gas sampling requirements. Foremost among our offerings is our new “Smart Bag” series of gas sampling bags which were developed based on our many years of experience in fulfilling customers' demanding requirements worldwide. We also carry other lines of gas sampling bags made of materials for other requirements. 

Our bag naming scheme:

Bag line Inlet/outlet layout Valve type(s) Bag capacity (L)

Bag line

Smart Bag PA / Smart Bag 2F / ANALYTIC-BARRIER Bag / Tedlar Bag / Fluororesin Bag / Aluminum Bag / Polyester Bag
Inlet/outlet layout
Valve type(s)A: Standard sleeve (single) E: Standard sleeve at one end + M6 connector at the other end
AS: 7 mm sleeve (single)  EK: 6 mm sleeve with mini valve at one end + M6 connector at the other end
AK: 6 mm sleeve with mini valve (single) F: PP sleeve at one end (Type A of Smart Bag only available) 

: M6 connector (single)

G: PP sleeve at both ends (Type C of Smart Bag only avilable)
C: Standard sleeves at both ends AA8: 8 mm sleeve (single)
CS: 7 mm sleeve at both ends


: PTFE joint for 8 mm sleeve (single)
CK: 6 mm sleeve with mini valve at both ends CCJ8: PTFE joint for 8 mm sleeve at both ends
D: M6 connectors at both ends AAP8: PTFE joint for 8 mm sleeve + 8 mm sleeve with valve
Bag capacity (L)Standard: 1 L, 2 L, 3 L, 5 L, 10 L (other sizes such as from 0.1 L ~ 500 L can be manufactured upon request)

For custom sizes, please contact us.

Gas Sampling Bags resources:

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Smart Bag PA is made of polyvinyl alcohol film and delivers superior resistance to solvent gases, heat and adsorption for low background contamination. Smart Bag PA also avoids the permeation of most gases. This feature enables a wide range of sampling from permanent gases to organic gases. Features Polyvinyl alcohol film Chemicall...
From $22.00
Smart Bag 2F is made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film and delivers superior resistance to solvents and heat. In addition, Smart Bag 2F is suitable for sampling gassy organics such as materials used indoors and work environments etc. Features Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) film Chemically inert and resistant to heat Low backg...
From $24.00
Tedlar Bag is made of Polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film and delivers superior resistance to organic solvent gases, abrasion-resistant and a wide operating temperature range from -70 °C to 100° C. Tedlar Bag is suitable for various compounds from permanent gases to organic solvent gases. Features Polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) Max. Operating ...
From $24.00
ANALYTIC-BARRIER Bag is good resistance to permeability and rarely not to go through gases. There are almost no gases generated from film material. The maximum operating temperature of this bag is 70 ºC. Features Resistant to permeation Low background contamination Max. Operating Temp. : 70 °C Film thinkness: 45 µm Applications:...
From $65.00
The resistance to organic solvents, acids and basics is higher than that of Tedlar Bags. Fluororesin Bag also have good residence to heat and the operation temperature range is wide: from -70 ºC to +110 ºC. The adsorption and permeability to organic solvent gasses is superior to Tedlar bag, thus this is suitable to measure samples of orga...
From $47.00
Aluminum Bag is made of foil laminated film with 5 layered (from outer: nylon, polyethylene, alum foil and polyethylene, polyethylene). Having good permeation resistance to permanent inorganic gases, methane and strong mechanical strength. It is suitable for sample needed shielding. Aluminum Bag is relatively high absorptivity to high boi...
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