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GL Sciences - Columnas HPLC

Ofrecemos La Mejor Alternativa a Agilent Zorbax Columns - Eclipse Plus, XDB, SB

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GL Sciences - Especialistas en Consumibles de Cromatografia Desde 1968

  • Widest selection of phases
  • Used widely & reliably for long established methods in pharmaceutical, & contract research labs.
  • Flexible with large pore sizes available for large molecules
  • High purity silica for excellent column resolution and performance
  • Consistent batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • High efficiency & compatibility with a wide range of solvents
  • Next-gen HPLC columns that inherit all the advantages of current Inertsil HPLC columns
  • Top-level performance featuring ultra-high purity silica
  • Outperform competing columns with superior inertness & durability
  • Excellent peak resolution using completely end-capped phases
  • Widest pH compatibility (1-10)
  • Extremely low operating back pressure (~6MPa) for long column lifetime
  • New core shell technology
  • Highest number of theoretical plates possible
  • Comparable efficiency to smaller particle fully porous packed columns with lower back pressure
  • Sharper column resolution with less peak-width broadening
  • Suitable for both HPLC & UHPLC​

The columns showed very good stability & reproducibility of the separation when utilized for a period of about six month with hundreds of injections.  The columns are stable in a wide range of pH and perfectly suitable for separations followed by MS detection. “ 

Dr. Serban Moldoveanu, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.


“I was very impressed by the performance of the InertSustain C18 column. Thank you again for suggesting it and sending us one to try!”

Anthony R. Horner, Ph.D,  Research Chemist, PPG


"I was using the corresponding InertSustain (column) and was pleased with the results.  The column looks to have a much longer lifetime."

David Budac, Ph.D, Principal Scientist, PsychoGenics


Columnas Equivalentes de GL Sciences Recomendadas para Agilent Zorbax

C18 HPLC Columns

ManufacturerColumnBonding TypeUSPGL Sciences Recommended Alternatives
AgilentZorbax Eclipse Plus C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
AgilentZorbax StableBond SB-C18C18L1Inertsil ODS-P
AgilentZorbax ODSC18L1Inertsil ODS-3
AgilentZorbax Eclipse XDB-C18C18L1Inertsil ODS-4
AgilentZorbax Eclipse AAAC18L1Inertsil ODS-4
AgilentZorbax Eclipse PAHC18L1Inertsil ODS-P
AgilentZorbax Rx-C18C18L1Inertsil ODS-P
AgilentZorbax 300 Extend-C18C18L1Inertsil WP300 C18
AgilentZorbax StableBond 300SB-C18C18L1Inertsil WP300 C18
AgilentZorbax Extend C18C18L1InsertSustain C18
AgilentPoroshell 120 EC-C18C18L1InertCore C18
AgilentPoroshell 120 SB-C18C18L1InertCore C18
AgilentPrep C18C18L1Inertsil ODS-HL
AgilentPursuit XRS C18C18 InertSustain C18
AgilentPursuit XRS Ultra 2.8 C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18

Other HPLC Columns

ManufacturerColumnBonding TypeUSPGL Sciences Recommended Alternatives
AgilentZorbax StableBond 300SB-C8C8L7Inertsil WP300 C18
AgilentZorbax Eclipse Plus C8C8L7InertSustain C8
AgilentZorbax Eclipse XDB-C8C8L7InertSustain C8
AgilentZorbax Rx-C8C8L7InertSustain C8
AgilentZorbax StableBond SB-C8C8L7InertSustain C8
AgilentPursuit XRS C8C8 InertSustain C8
AgilentPusruit XRS Ultra 2.8 C8C8L7InertSustainSwift C8
AgilentZorbax SB-300SB-CNCNL10Inertsil CN-3
AgilentZorbax StableBond SB-CNCNL10Inertsil CN-3
AgilentZorbax Eclipse XDB-CNCNL10InertSustain Cyano
AgilentZorbax CNCNL10InertSustain Cyano
AgilentZorbax GF-250DiolL20Inertsil Diol


Zorbax GF-450DiolL20Inertsil WP300 Diol
AgilentZorbax Eclipse XDB-PhenylPhenylL11InertSustain Phenyl
AgilentZorbax StableBond SB-PhenylPhenylL11InertSustain Phenyl
AgilentZorbax Eclipse Plus Phenyl-HexylPhenyl-HexylL11InertSustain Phenylhexyl
AgilentZorbax SILSilicaL3Inertsil SIL-100A
AgilentZorbax Rx-SILSilicaL3Inert SIL-150A
AgilentZorbax HILIC PlusSilicaL3Inertsil WP300 SIL
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