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GL Sciences HPLC Columns

The most trusted HPLC columns since 1968.  Our wide range of phases offer reliable equivalents to Phenomenex HPLC columns.

High Inertness
Low Back Pressure
High Reproducibility

Product Reviews


“The (InertSustain) columns showed very good stability & reproducibility of the separation when utilized for a period of about six month with hundreds of injections.  The columns are stable in a wide range of pH & perfectly suitable for separations followed by MS detection. “

Dr. Serban Moldoveanu, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.


"I was using the corresponding InertSustain (column) and was pleased with the results.  The column looks to have a much longer lifetime."

David Budac, Ph.D, Principal Scientist, PsychoGenics


“I was very impressed by the performance of the InertSustain C18 column. Thank you again for suggesting it and sending us one to try!”

Anthony R. Horner, Ph.D,  Research Chemist, PPG


Discover The Advantages of GL Sciences' InertSustain HPLC Columns

GL Sciences next generation HPLC Columns, InertSustain employ a radically new type of silica, in which the surface of the silica is uniquely modified, enabling precise control of the silica properties.  

InertSustain inherits the advantages of all the current Inertsil HPLC columns (e.g., extremely low operating back pressure, superior inertness to typically any analytes, high efficiency & compatibility with a wide range of solvents), and now can be used for wide pH analysis with consistent performance from column-to-column and lot-to-lot.

InertSustain HPLC Columns Deliver:



InertSustain employs a radically new type of silica, in which the surface of the silica is uniquely modified, enabling precise control of the silica properties and adsorption sites and silanol distribution are strictly controlled.

Unmatched Inertness & Durability

1st Stage
[Synthesis of “Evolved Surface Silica”]
As the adsorption sites and silanol distribution are strictly controlled from the synthesis procedure of the Evolved Surface Silica, InertSustain delivers unmatched inertness to virtually any type of analyte with high durability to acidic, basic mobile phase conditions.
2nd Stage
[Chemical Bonding of ODS group]
The introduction of Evolved Surface Silica and our cutting-edge chemical bonding technology make InertSustain compatible with 100 % aqueous mobile phases, while maintaining strong non-polar retentivity.
3rd Stage
[Complete End-capping]
GL Sciences’ complete end-capping technology allows InertSustain to provide high efficiency and superior peak shape even to those well-known strong adsorptive analytes.

Excellent Peak Resolution

Get clear separation with excellent pick shape for all types of analytes using InertSustain.

Basic Compound

Acidic Compound

Chelating Compound

Reliable Reproducibility

High inertness also provides consistent results through multiple runs and InertSustain's envolved surface silica production method allows for reproducibility across different particle sizes.

Wide pH Compatibility

InertSustain provides higher pH stability compare to competitors. Good end-capping enables high theoretical plates to be maintained even after extended exposure to extreme pH conditions. With InertSustain, analysis results are not affected by sample or mobile phase conditions.

Extremely Low Operating Back Pressure

InertSustain provides excellent column lifetime thanks to having low operating back pressure. Precise manufacturing of silica particles allows for uniform particle with equal distribution and dimension providing superior flow. The extreme low back pressure of InertSustain columns ensure long service life leading to less running costs.

Batch to Batch Reproducibility

InertSustain is delivered with consistent lot performance thanks to GL Sciences' state-of-the-art column manufacturing technology.

Recommended GL Sciences Equivalent Columns For Phenomenex

C18 Columns

ManufacturerColumnBonding TypeUSPGL Sciences Recommended Alternatives
PhenomenexKinetex C18C18L1InertCore C18
PhenomenexLuna C18C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexLuna C18(2)C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexLuna Omega C18C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexLuna PS C18C18L1InertSustain AQ-C18
PhenomenexGemini C18C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexGemini-NX C18C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexAqua C18C18L1InertSustain AQ-C18
PhenomenexBondclone C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
PhenomenexColumbus C18C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexHyperClone BDS C18C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
PhenomenexHyperClone ODS(C18)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
PhenomenexJupiter 300 C18C18L1Inertsil WP300 C18
PhenomenexPhenosphere ODS(1)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
PhenomenexPhenosphere ODS(2)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
PhenomenexProdigy ODS-2C18L1Inertsil ODS-2
PhenomenexProdigy ODS-3C18L1Inertsil ODS-3
PhenomenexProdigy ODS-3VC18L1Inertsil ODS-3V
PhenomenexSelectosil C18C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexSphereClone ODS(1)C18L1InertSustainSwift C18
PhenomenexSphereClone ODS(2)C18L1InertSustain C18
PhenomenexSynergi Fusion-RPC18+polarL1Inertsil ODS-EP
PhenomenexSynergi Hydro-RPC18+polarL1InertSustain AQ-C18
PhenomenexUltracarb ODS (20)C18L1Inertsil ODS-HL
PhenomenexUltracarb ODS (30)C18L1Inertsil ODS-HL

Other HPLC Columns

ManufacturerColumnBonding TypeUSPGL Sciences Recommended Alternatives
PhenomenexBondclone SilSilicaL3Inertsil SIL-150A
PhenomenexHyperClone SilicaSilicaL3Inertsil WP300 SIL
PhenomenexLuna Silica (2)SilicaL3Inertsil SIL-100A
PhenomenexProdigy SilicaSilicaL3Inertsil SIL-100A
PhenomenexSphereClone SilicaSilicaL3Inertsil SIL-100A
PhenomenexColumbus C8C8L7InertSustain C8
PhenomenexHyperClone BDS C8C8L7InertSustainSwift C8
PhenomenexHyperClone MOS(C8)C8L7InertSustainSwift C8
PhenomenexLuna C8C8L7InertSustain C8
PhenomenexLuna C8(2)C8L7InertSustain C8
PhenomenexPhenosphere C8C8L7InertSustainSwift C8
PhenomenexProdigy C8C8L7Inertsil C8
PhenomenexSphereClone C8C8L7InertSustainSwift C8
PhenomenexUltracarb C8C8L7Inertsil C8-3
PhenomenexBondclone NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
PhenomenexLuna NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
PhenomenexPhenosphere NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
PhenomenexSphereClone NH2NH2L8InertSustain NH2
PhenomenexLuna SCXSCXL9Inertsil CX
PhenomenexBondclone CNCNL10Inertsil CN-3
PhenomenexHyperClone CNCNL10Inertsil CN-3
PhenomenexLuna CNCNL10InertSustain Cyano
PhenomenexPhenosphere CNCNL10Inertsil CN-3
PhenomenexSynergi Polar-RPPhenyl+polarL11InertSustain Phenyl
PhenomenexGemini C6-phenylPhenyl-hexylL11InertSustain Phenylhexyl
PhenomenexLuna Phenyl-HexylPhenyl-hexylL11InertSustain Phenylhexyl
PhenomenexBondclone PhenylPhenylL11Inertsil Ph-3
PhenomenexProdigy Phenyl-3PhenylL11Inertsil Ph-3
PhenomenexSphereClone PhenylPhenylL11InertSustain Phenyl
PhenomenexLuna HILICDiolL20Inertsil HILIC
PhenomenexJupiter 300 C4C4L26Inertsil WP300 C4
PhenomenexCurosil-PFPPFPL43InertSustain PFP
PhenomenexLuna PFP(2)PFPL43InertSustain PFP
PhenomenexPhenosphere SCXSCX Inertsil CX



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