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SPE Spin Centrifuge Columns

MonoSpin is a solid-phase extraction spin column that uses silica monoliths with uniform continuum pores. It effectively and rapidly extracts, isolates, purifies, and concentrates samples by centrifugation.





  • Easy operation by centrifuge
  • Speedy sample treatment with a superb through pore
  • Excellent reproducibility (S-type) even at elution volumes of 100 μL or less

Silica Monolith packing material
New separation media that are neither particulate nor membrane

Silica monoliths are integral silica gels with uniform continuous pores synthesized from ethyl silicate. They have high liquid permeability and large surface area possessing a structure with through-pores and mesopores on the framework surface. This state-of-the-art media is becoming popular globally for its characteristics: high recovery and high performance of adsorption and desorption.


Advantages to conventional particle type packing

  • Disk-shaped silica monoliths do not use frits to hold particle media
  • The massive surface area of monolithic material makes it possible makes it possible to retain samples in the cartridge and completely elute small samples during processing allowing for much smaller volumes of sample needed.
  • Despite high liquid permeability, silica monoliths are still suitable for rapid elution without the loss of high recovery with fast sample diffusion and quick separation.



Available Formats for Spin Columns​


S Type spin column

  • Disk size: 4.2 O.D. x 1.5 mm
  • Sample volume: 50-800 µL
  • Elution volume: 50-800 µL
  • Centrifugation speed: 2,000-10,000 x g

L Type large volume reservoir spin column

  • Disk size: 9 O.D. × 3 mm
  • Sample volume: 0.5-8 mL
  • Elution volume: 0.5-8 mL
  • Centrifugation speed: 1,000 x g

96-well plate

  • Disk size: 4.2 O.D × 1.5 mm
  • Sample volume:~800 µL
  • Elution volume: 100-800 µL
  • Centrifugation speed: 2,000-10,000 x g (centrifuge; can also be used in vacuum aspiration)

Available Functional Groups for Spin Columns​

ProductFunctional GroupS/96 well Through pore (µm)S/96 well Mesopore (nm)L Type Through pore (µm)L Type Mesopore (nm)Surface Area (m²/g)Bed Capacity (for type S)
MonoSpin C18Octadecyl group5101010350100 µg (amitriptyline)
MonoSpin C18 FFOctadecyl group2015101030050 µg (amitriptyline)
MonoSpin PhPhenyl group510--350100 µg (amitriptyline)
MonoSpin C18-AXOctadecyl group, Quaternary ammonium510--350100 µg (ibuprofen)
MonoSpin C18-CXOctadecyl group, Benzenesulfonic acid group510--350100 µg (amitriptyline)
MonoSpin SAXTrimethylaminopropyl group5101010350100 µg (ibuprofen)
MonoSpin SCXPropylbenzenesulfonic acid group5101010350100 µg (amitriptyline)
MonoSpin NH2Aminopropyl group5101010350100 µg (maltopentaose)
MonoSpin CBACarboxyl group5101010350100 µg (amitriptyline)
MonoSpin AmideAmide group510--350100 µg (angiotensin II)
MonoSpin PBAPhenylboronic acids510--350100 µg (dopamine)
MonoSpin TiOTitanium dioxide2015--35040 µg (adenosine monophosphate)
MonoSpin TrypsinTrypsin510--350
MonoSpin MEIminodiacetic acid group510101035025 µg (Cu ions)
MonoSpin PhospholipidTitanium dioxide, Zirconium dioxide510101035010 µL (human serum)
MonoSpin ProAProtein A260---400 µg (human IgG)
MonoSpin ProGProtein G260---400 µg (human IgG)

How to choose Functional Groups

The MonoSpin series are optimized as a spin-column for pretreatment of biological samples. If you are working on highly viscous samples such as blood, MonoSpin C18 FF is the best choice. Please refer to the following chart for choosing appropriate MonoSpin:


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How To Operate


Short time centrifugation is used to pass the liquid in solid-phase extraction. The entire sample treatment process can be completed within 10 minutes.


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How to use MonoSpin: a spin column for concentration and purification of trace level samples




Performance in analysis of trace analytes

Due to its high permeability, MonoSpin series enables collection of trace analytes without the need for dilution.


S type Column


L type Column


Find reference analyses from our list of available applications for MonoSpin.



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