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Ion Exchange Columns / HPLC

GL Sciences offers silica-based ion exchange columns for analysis of acidic and basic compounds as well as biomolecules such as amino acids and nucleobases. Groups functionalized into our ion exchange columns feature strong anion and cationic groups for a consistent high ion exchange capacity in a broad pH range.

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InertSustain AX-C18 is a mix-mode column bonded with C18 groups and tertiary amino groups. It provides hydrophobic interaction and electrostatic interaction by Anion Exchange group works. By controlling the amount of Anion Exchange group, acidic compounds can be eluted even in the buffer concentration range used with LC/MS.
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Inertsil AX has diethylamino groups bonded to silica gel by an alkyl chain. The diethylamino groups offer anionic functions required for anion exchange chromatography. It is mainly used for analyses of acidic compounds. Conventional ion-exchange columns used to show inconsistent results from lot to lot. However, Inertsil AX is manufacture...
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Inertsil CX Cation Exchange Column has benzenesulfonyl groups bonded to silica gel by an alkyl chain. The sulfonyl groups at the end of the structure offer cationic functions required for the cation exchange chromatography. It is mainly used for analyses of basic compounds. Inertsil CX is manufactured under strict quality control in order...
From $280.00