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GL-SPE Gravity Flow Rack Basic Unit

SKU: 5010-50410
SPE Gravity Flow Rack can be used for the SPE procedure performed under gravity flow with InertSep K-solute. The sizes of collection vessels and stands can be selected by adjusting the height of the rack.
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GL-SPE Gravity Flow Rack Basic Unit SKU: 5010-50410



  • 12 Luer connection adaptors are installed on the upper plate, SPE cartridges can be attached as it is.
  • As upper plate can be adjust the fixed position up and down, various type of receiving containers (eggplant-shaped flasks, concentration tubes, test tubes, etc.).
  • 12 samples can be extracted at the same time. This attaches 70 mm polypropylene needles directly connected to luer connection adaptors, thus extraction can be performed in fast flow speed even when the samples are many (ex. Sample preparing for residual pesticide analysis) and performing liquid-liquid extraction.
  • When using 200 mL or 300 mL eggplant-shaped flasks, maximum 8 samples can be treated.
  • Stand for eggplant-shaped flasks (50/100 mL or 200/300 mL), concentration tubes (20/30 mL) and centrifuge tubes (50 mL) as receiving containers. For base unit, 2 pair of receiving rack can be installed.


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GL-SPE Gravity Flow Rack Basic Unit