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MonoSpin SCX

Brand: MonoSpin
MonoSpin SCX is a an ion exchange column featuring both strong cation exchange and hydrophobic interaction for the extraction of basic drugs. The benezenesulfonic acid group is functionalized to a silica monolith structure with through-pores and mesopores for fast sample diffusion and high recovery.


• Stationary phase: Propylbenzenesulfonic acid
• Through-pore: 5 µm (S-type) / 10 µm (L-type)
• Mesopore: 10 nm
• Surface area: 350 m2/g
• Sample loading capacity: 100 μg (Amitriptyline)

Available formats: S-type spin column, L-type large volume reservoir, 96-well plate



Fractionation of Protein digests using MonoSpin SCX.

MonoSpin SCX spin column Fractionation of Protein digests


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S Type spin column
50 pcs.
S Type spin column
100 pcs.
L Type large volume reservoir spin column
30 pcs.
96-Well Plate
1 pc.


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