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Titansphere TiO Bulk Material

GL Sciences provides titania dioxide (Titansphere series) which absorb with phosphorylated peptide.

Micron : 5 µm, 10 µm

Adsorption Spot : Titanium Dioxide Crystal

Pore Size : 100 Å (10 nm)

Particle Shape : Spherical

Surface Area : 100 m2/g

pH Range : 2-12

Adsorption volume : 400 ng/mg Tyr (PO3H2) - Angiotensin II

Gravity : 1.74

Maximum operating pressure : 19.8 MPa (198 bar)



  • Spherically shaped porous particle - easy to pack into a tip•
  • Wide Surface Area - provide a high recovery rate even with small amount of sample
  • Wide Application Range - since it can specifically adsorb phosphate sites, it can be applicable to the purification of phosphorylated peptides, phosphorylated sugars, glyphosate, etc.



Efficient Purification from HeLa Cell Lysate 

The data on the right shows the superior performance of Titansphere TiO over another competitor brand. HeLa Cell Lysate which consists mainly of non-phosphorylated peptides, was used as sample. Titansphere TiO shows exceptional selectivity - almost 90 % of the bound peptides were phosphopeptides, and excellent capacity for total phosphopeptide binding. While the competitive brand shows more selectivity for non-posphorelated peptides.

Sample : HeLa Cell Lysate, Sample volume : 50 µg,
Titansphere TiO volume : 1 mg

Compare Titansphere TiO with IMAC ​

The graph on the right shows the difference between Titansphere TiO and the normal IMAC enrichment method. Using Arabidopsis cell extract. Titansphere TiO provides substantially higher total peak area and a much higher number of non-phosphorelated peptides.

Sample : Arabidopsis Cell Extract, Sample volume : 100 µg,
Titansphere TiO volume : 1 mg


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