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Single Plunger Pump

Single plunger pump equipped without pressure sensor.



  • Low-cost, simple to operate single plunger pump.
  • Equipped with pulse reduction mechanism (quick return mode).
  • Convenient precision metered solvent volume dispensing.
  • RS-232C interface for computer control.
  • Choose from 5 different models to match desired flow ranges.
  • Choose either SS or PEEK pump head materials.

*1: Maximum pressure is only sustained intermittently. Continuous pump operation at maximum pressure cannot be guaranteed.
*2: The unit cannot run continuously at maximum flow rate.
*3: Pulse reduction does not imply that pulses will be eliminated completely.
*4: The range of settable volume is 0.01~1000 mL or 0.1~1000 mL, depending on the model.
Note: The specifications and product design may change without prior notice.


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