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ProteoSil Bio LC Columns


For Specialized Analysis of Peptides, Nucleic Acids, and Antibodies

GL Sciences Bio LC Columns are HPLC solutions specifically designed for bio molecules proteomics such as protein, peptide and nucleic acid species.


Bio-Inert PEEK & Stainless Steel Hardware Options

All columns are available with bio-inert PEEK and stainless steel hardware.

ProteoSil Bio LC columns
Bio LC columns high-purity silica packing materials

High-Purity Silica Packing Materials

Packing materials are made of high-purity silica with pore sizes of 100Å, 200Å, and 300Å, and are available in reversed phase, HILIC, and size exclusion columns. Low lot-to-lot variation and consistent quality also make it ideal for LC/MS applications.


Bioseparation LC Column Phases

 TargetMWColumnPhaseParticle Size
Pore Size
Reversed PhaseProteins / Peptides
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids
> 20,000ProteoSil 300-C18C185300
 Proteins / Peptides
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids
> 20,000ProteoSil 300-C8C85300
 Proteins / Peptides
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids
5,000-20,000ProteoSil 200-C18C181.9, 3 ,5200
 Proteins / Peptides
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids
<5,000ProteoSil 100-C18C181.9, 3, 5100
 Proteins / Peptides
Monoclonal Antibodies
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids
>20,000ProteoSil 300-C4C45300
 Proteins, Monoclonal Antibodies
Antibody-Drug Conjugate(ADC)
Sub unit
>100,000MonoSelect RP-mAb

HILICProteins / Peptides
Monoclonal Antibodies 
---ProteoSil HILICAmide1.9, 3, 5100
SECProteins / Peptides
Monoclonal Antibodies
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids

ProteoSil 300-SECDiol5300
 Proteins / Peptides
Monoclonal Antibodies
Oligonucleotides / Nucleic Acids
<5,000ProteoSil 100-SECDiol5100
SEC +RPLNP, Exosome

---MonoSelect nPECHydrophilic


ProteoSil Pore Size Range


ProteoSil HPLC columns feature precisely controlled pore sizes in their packing material, making them ideal for the analysis of biopharmaceuticals

Specifically, the 200Å pore size is optimized for the analysis of compounds with molecular weights ranging from a few kDa to several tens of kDa, delivering optimal performance for the analysis of peptides and oligonucleotides.

Packing material pore size and analyte molecular weight range


Bio LC columns pore size and molecular weight range

Comparison of 200Å and 175Å columns for oligonucleotide analysis

Comparison of ProteoSil for oligonucleotide analysis

Column Hardware

The column hardware can be selected from stainless steel and Bio-Inert PEEK. Innovative PEEK-lined stainless steel has increased the
maximum operating pressure.

Steel-Coated-PEEK (UHPLC PEEK)

Bioinert PEEK

Stainless Steel




ISO 9001 & ISO 14001Certified

To ensure that our HPLC columns consistently maintain the same high quality and are reliably supplied worldwide, our production facility holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We carry out all processes, including matrix synthesis, chemical treatment, column packing, and column quality inspections in-house. We continuously evolve based on our accumulated expertise, enabling us to offer superior HPLC columns.

In addition to the chemical modification of functional groups and endcap processing, we also synthesize silica gel, a critical component for column performance.

Reliable Lot-to-Lot Consistency



Product Line


ProteoSil 300-C18

Designed for advanced protein analysis, the ProteoSil 300-C18 column offers the ideal capabilities when enhanced retention and sample load are critical for C4 or C8 columns.


ProteoSil 300-C4

Tailored for the analysis of proteins and peptides, especially hydrophobic peptides, the ProteoSil 300-C4 facilitates shorter retention times and is ideal for proteins with moderate retention needs.



ProteoSil 300-C8

Optimized for proteins and peptides, the ProteoSil 300-C8 ensures unique selectivity and hydrophobicity compared to shorter-chain C4 phases, suitable for protein and hydrophobic peptide separations.


ProteoSil 200-C18

Ideal for mid-sized molecules, the ProteoSil 200-C18 column allows for separation across 100Å pore columns and is easy to clean for faster analysis.


ProteoSil 200-C8

Specialized for the analysis of mid-sized molecules, the ProteoSil 200-C8 shows superior retention for analytes that are strongly retained by C18 columns.


ProteoSil 100-C18

Offering high inertness and durability, the ProteoSil 100-C18 is perfect for analyzing low-molecular-weight compounds, enhancing sensitivity in LC-MS applications.


ProteoSil HILIC

Modified with amide groups, the ProteoSil HILIC column excels in the separation of highly hydrophilic compounds, peptides, glycans, and oligonucleotides.

ProteoSil 300-SEC

Equipped with dihydroxypropyl groups bonded to silica gel, the ProteoSil 300-SEC column is suited for the analysis of large molecules and can be used as a dial column.

ProteoSil 100-SEC

Constructed for aqueous size-exclusion chromatography, the ProteoSil 100-SEC can handle higher operating pressures & is suitable for series column configurations.



MonoSelect RP-mAb

Featuring a silica monolith structure with phenyl groups, the MonoSelect RP-mAb column is optimized for monoclonal antibodies analysis and high-sensitivity LC/MS applications.


MonoSelect nPEC

Designed for rapid separation of nanoparticles and free low-molecular-weight compounds, the MonoSelect nPEC column is crucial for assessing drug encapsulation rates in liposome formulations.




Reversed Phase

C18 Columns are a recommended for peptide and protein analysis. It uses a packing material with a pore size of 200Å, making it ideal in the determination of low to high molecular weight compounds (up to several 10kDa).The use of extremely non-specific binding to packing materials and metal-free column hardware enables analyte sharp peaks even for adsorbable analytes.

Analysis of Peptides


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