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Phosphopeptide Enrichment Using TiO2


Phos-TiO Phosphopeptide Enrichment

GL Sciences has been manufacturing extremely pure Titanium Dioxide microparticles for many years, and has recently introduced the most efficient producs available for phosphopeptide enrichment from proteolytic digests or other complex matrices.

GL Sciences' Phos-TiO Kits are the latest addition to our proteomics portfolio. These kits contain centrifuge spin columns, conditioning and washing buffers, along with waste and collection tubes for both individual column processing and 96-well plate bulk processing. The titanium dioxide particles contained in the spin columns (available in 1mg/10uL and 3mg/200uL sizes) is specially treated to maximize selectivity for phosphorylated species, and the conditioning and washing buffers contain components to displace the few non-phosphorylated compounds which might originally adhere to the media.

This same specialized media is now available in 50mg/3mL and 100mg/3mL spin columns for larger scale/volume purifications.


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Phosphopeptide Enrichment Using TiO2