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MonoSpin NH2

Brand: MonoSpin
MonoSpin NH2 is functionalized with aminopropyl for enriching sugar chains and other hydrophilic compounds via HILIC mode. The monolith silica media provides MonoSpin NH2 with superior sample diffusion and recovery compared to traditional particle based media.


• Stationary phase: Aminopropyl
• Through-pore: 5 µm (S-type) / 10 µm (L-type)
• Mesopore: 10 nm
• Surface area: 350 m2/g
• Sample loading capacity: 100 μg (Maltopentaose)

Available formats: S-type spin column, L-type large volume reservoir, 96-well plate



Purification of pyridylaminated glycans using MonoSpin's NH2

MonoSpin NH2 spin column Purification of pyridylaminated glycans


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S Type spin column
50 pcs.
S Type spin column
100 pcs.
L Type large volume reservoir spin column
30 pcs.
96-Well Plate
1 pc.


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