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MonoSelect C18 for HTS

MonoSelect C18 for HTS is based on monolithic silica technology. The very low flow resistance and the excellent separation performances make it suitable for High-Throughput Screenings (HTS). Due to its metal-free hardware, sharp peaks can be obtained also when analyzing metal chelators. The particular structure of MonoSelect C18 for HTS prevents from clogging and delivers high resistance.


• Base Material: Highly Pure Monolithic Silica
• Bonded Phase: Octadecyl
• End-capping: Yes
• Maximum Operating Temperature: 70°C
• Operating pH Range: 2 - 7.5 pH
• Maximum Operating Pressure: 40 MPa (400 bar)
• Carbon Loading: 7%


• Applicability to Rapid Analysis Needed for Multisample Analysis

• Highly Sensitive Analysis Even with Low Concentration Samples



  • Support Material: High Purity Monolithic Silica Gel

  • Bonded Phase: Octadecyl

  • Max. Operating Pressure: 40MPa

  • End-capping: Yes

  • pH Range: 2 - 7.5

  • Max. Operating temperature:  70℃

  • Carbon Loading: 7%

Why choose MonoSelect C18 for HTS?

MonoSelect C18 for HTS allows for equal or even better separation than C18 3 µm silica particle-packed columns, and it can be used at both low or high flow rates. The backpressure is only 1/6 of the pressure generated by 1.7 µm silica particle-packed columns, making it suitable for high throughput analysis.

  • Suitable elution time for high-throughput analysis

The faster elution of MonoSelect C18 for HTS compared to other C18 columns and its improved sensitivity make it the best choice for high-throughput analysis.

  • Up to the limits of the fastest equilibration

The equilibration time plays an important role in the result repeatability in gradient analysis. MonoSelect C18 for HTS enables faster equilibration compared to packed columns of the same dimensions, which is desirable for rapid analysis.

  • Superior Durability

When analyzing compounds contained in physiological samples, proteins must be removed before the analysis in order to avoid column clogging caused by the proteins themselves. However, it is difficult to completely remove all the proteins and this generally leads to column deterioration over time. The large through-pores of MonoSelect C18 for HTS avoid the accumulation of interfering compounds in biological samples. This results in longer repeatability over time compared to particle-packed columns.

  • Stainless steel and glass double structure to prevent absorption

MonoSelect C18 for HTS structure includes external stainless hardware and an internal glass tube. The structure does not contain any sintered metal frit, which could cause the adsorption of metal chelators. This delivers outstanding sensitivity for such analytes.


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