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InertSep PH 20g/60mL

SKU: 5010-61189
Brand: InertSep®
InertSep PH is a silica-based sorbent modified with phenyl functional groups having a similar non-polar interaction to C8. Phenyl functional group has π-π bond interaction which allows an isolate molecule bearing benzene ring, such as aromatic compounds to selectively interact with phenyl functional group on the sorbent.
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InertSep PH 20g/60mL SKU: 5010-61189

Attribute nameAttribute value
Base TypeSilica-based
SorbentInertSep PH
FormatSyringe Barrel Type
Column Dimension20 g/60 mL
Sorbent weight20 g
Column volume60 mL
Unit size16 pcs
Base GelSiO2
Functional GroupPhenyl
End CappingMiddle
ModeReversed phase
Average Particle Size60 μm
Carbon Loading10%
Surface Area450 m2/g
Pore Volume0.7 mL/g
Pore Size6 nm
pH Range2-8


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InertSep PH 20g/60mL