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InertSep NH2 FF 100mg/1mL

SKU: 5010-62601
Brand: InertSep®
InertSep NH2 FF is an arranged version of InertSep NH2 for applications that need high flow late. This sorbent is also good at viscous sample and large volume sample to expedite the procedure.
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InertSep NH2 FF 100mg/1mL SKU: 5010-62601

Attribute nameAttribute value
Base TypeSilica-based
SorbentInertSep NH2 FF
FormatSyringe Barrel Type
Column Dimension100 mg/1 mL
Sorbent weight100 mg
Column volume1 mL
Unit size100 pcs.
Base GelSiO2
Functional GroupAminopropyl
ModeIon exchange
Average Particle Size120 μm
Carbon Loading10%
Surface Area450 m2/g
Pore Volume0.7 mL/g
Pore Size6 nm
Ion Exchange Capacity0.9 meq/g
pH Range2-8


There are application notes for InertSep NH2 FF 100mg/1mL.


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InertSep NH2 FF 100mg/1mL