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InertSep ME-2 500mg/6mL

SKU: 5010-27412
Brand: InertSep®
InertSep ME-2 is a chelating resin sorbent, developed for SPE of trace metal ions in seawater. As this sorbent does not retain Ca and Mg ions, desalting can be achieved by passing the sample through the sorbent and wash with purified water.
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InertSep ME-2 500mg/6mL SKU: 5010-27412

Attribute nameAttribute value
Base TypePolymer-based
SorbentInertSep ME-2
FormatSyringe Barrel Type
Column Dimension500 mg/6 mL
Sorbent weight500 mg
Column volume6 mL
Unit size30 pcs.
Base GelMethacrylate polymer
Functional GroupIminodiacetic acid + Tertiary amine
ModeIon exchange
Average Particle Size70 µm
Surface Area80 m2/g
Pore Volume0.5 mL/g
Pore Size21 nm
Ion Exchange CapacityCu2+ 0.3 mmol/g
pH Range1-14


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InertSep ME-2 500mg/6mL