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Delay Column for PFAS

SKU: 5020-90005
Delay Column for PFAS is packed with high-purity activated carbon, which is able to retain contaminants originating from the mobile phase or the LC system. Elution of retained contaminants is delayed allowing for the effects of the contaminants on the analysis to be reduced. This column is quite useful for PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) analysis on LC/MS.
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 80 MPa
  • Packing: High-Purity Activated Carbon
  • Dimensions: 30 mm × 3.0 mm I.D.
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Delay Column for PFAS SKU: 5020-90005


Ultra high-purity activated carbon


Delay Column for PFAS Installation Position 


Chromatogram Using Delay Column for PFAS

The Delay column for PFAS is packed with high purity activated carbon beads, which strongly retain the background PFAS from the LC system and mobile phase. The retained PFAS compounds are eluted with 100% acetonitrile, allowing a greater separation from the analytes on the chromatogram.


Delay Column for PFAS Effect

A general C18 column is commonly used as the delay column in the analysis of PFAS.  When a general C18 column is used, it only shows a small delay and insufficient isolation. When GL Sciences Delay column is used as shown below, better separation is obtained.


Comparison of System Pressure using Delay Column for PFAS 

Delay Column for PFAS does not increase the LC system pressure.


There are application notes for Delay Column for PFAS.


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Delay Column for PFAS