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Reversed Phase HPLC Columns

Experience a wide selection of phases for reversed phase HPLC with GL Sciences reversed phase columns. Select from phases including C18, C8, C4, phenyl and cyano functionalized groups for distinct analyte selectivity. GL Sciences reversed phase columns are available in many sizes and formats featuring our high-purity silica and end-capping. Read more

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InertSustain C30 is an HPLC column in which triacontyl groups are chemically bonded to silica gel. This column has high stereoselectivity and excellent separation ability for isomers and structurally similar compounds with high lipophilicity. Specifications • Base Material : High Purity ES Silica Gel • Particle Size : 3 μm, 5 μm •...
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Generally, silica based columns are mechanically stable and provide high efficiencies, however, they cannot be used under alkaline conditions and their residual silanol groups tend to adsorb organic bases. InertSustain C18 employs a radically new type of silica, in which the surface of the silica is uniquely modified, enabling precise con...
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InertSustain AQ-C18 columns are designed to achieve strong retention for highly polar compounds, which is the most challenging goals in developing reversed phase methods. The optimization of bonding of the C18 groups at equal distance to the silica gel enable InertSustain AQ-C18 columns to offer significant retention for highly polar comp...
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Increasing Efficiency, Throughput and Productivity InertSustainSwift C18 columns are designed to deliver rapid separations with symmetric peaks to minimize analysis time as much as possible. InertSustainSwift C18 is also ideal for LC-MS and LC-MS/MS methods which offer highly sensitive results and enables MS compatible buffers to be u...
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InertSustain AX-C18 is a mix-mode column bonded with C18 groups and tertiary amino groups. It provides hydrophobic interaction and electrostatic interaction by Anion Exchange group works. By controlling the amount of Anion Exchange group, acidic compounds can be eluted even in the buffer concentration range used with LC/MS.
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The High Performance Core-shell Column For UHPLC/HPLC Specifications • Base Material: Core-shell type silica gel • Particle Size: 2.6 µm • Solid Core: 2.0 µm • Surface Area: 200 m2/g • Pore Size: 90 Å (9 nm) • Functional Group: Octadecyl • End-capping: Yes • Carbon Loading: 15% • USP Code: L1 • pH Range: 1 - 10 •...
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Ultra High Retentivity Ideal for Separation of Basic Molecules & its Related Substances, Process Impurities Inertsil ODS-HL employs a highly inert packing material which provides pure hydrophobic interaction between analytes without generating any secondary interaction delivering sharp peaks. High-Density bonding of C18 phase delivers ...
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Inertsil ODS-4 delivers the same extreme inertness to any type of compounds just like InertSustain C18 along with unprecedented stability under 100 % aqueous mobile phases for qualitative and quantitative analysis. However, as the base silica gel and carbon loading are different on Inertsil ODS-4, differences in selectivity can be observe...
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Inertsil ODS-4 columns have proven superior worldwide for analysis of strong pharmaceutical bases, acids, chelating compounds, and zwitterions. The long-awaited validated Inertsil ODS-4V has now been added to our product lineup. Each Inertsil ODS-4V is delivered with a Manufacturer’s Validation Certificate showing the detailed results ...
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Inertsil ODS-3 is still GL Sciences’ most popular phase and continues to be used widely and reliably for long-established methods in pharmaceutical, and contract research labs. Inertsil ODS-3 columns have a relatively strong retentivity compared to commercially available ODS columns. In addition, the introduction of higher surface area si...
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Inertsil ODS-3V offers all of the outstanding chromatographic benefits of Inertsil ODS-3 with the added benefit of a more thoroughly documented, validated QC procedure consistent with the demands of GLP/GMP compliance. Each Inertsil ODS-3V is delivered with a Manufacturer‘s Validation Certificate showing the detailed results of every QA ...
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Inertsil ODS-SP is super base deactivated and optimally bonded to retain hydrophilic compounds without excessive retention of hydrophobic compounds achieving better separations faster than before. As the carbon load of Inertsil ODS-SP is relatively low, it is compatible with 100 % aqueous eluents and offer faster equilibration of column f...
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GL Sciences offers a polymerically bonded ODS-P phase which provide high steric selectivity for separation of planar and non-planar compounds. nertsil ODS-P columns are also ideal for the HPLC analysis of 16 PAH compounds, listed as target pollutants by the US EPA.
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Inertsil ODS-EP contains a polar functional group embedded between the silica surface and the C18 group. The embedded polar group makes the C18 phase stable in 100 % aqueous eluents without "phase collapse." This phase is also extremely "base deactivated" and provides superior peak shape for acids and bases in organic eluents as well a...
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Inertsil WP300 C18 (wide pore size of 300 Å) columns bring the same legendary performance of Inertsil's narrow-pore HPLC products to columns designed specifically for the reproducible separations of proteins and peptides. The results of GL Sciences’ original end-capping technique provide high efficiency and good peak shape for proteins an...
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Inertsil ODS-2 columns have a pore size of 150 Å offering symmetric peaks for bases, acids with low pressure. When Inertsil ODS-2 was introduced in 1987s, this HPLC transformed the entire industry. Inertsil ODS-2 was the first HPLC phase created using ultra high purity silica, which produced superior base deactivation. Inertsil ODS-2 is o...
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Inertsil ODS columns are general purpose, reversed phase C18 columns available in 5 μm and 10 μm particle sizes. It was the first ODS bonded phase introduced from GL Sciences back in 1986. We recommend InertSustain C18 or Inertsil ODS-4 columns for all new method development.
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InertSustain C8 is an octyl group (C8) bonded column delivering the same extreme inertness to any type of compounds just like InertSustain C18, which enables rapid analysis of highly hydrophobic compounds delivering symmetric peaks at a wide range of pH.
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InertSustainSwift C8 is an octyl group (C8) bonded column offering the same extreme inertness to any type of compounds just like InertSustainSwift C18, which is ideal for analyzing low polarity analytes. In addition, the optimized 200Å pore size silica enables to analyze and retain peptides and oligonucleotides which have a molecular weig...
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Many chromatographers prefer a C8 column when an ODS phase shows excessive retention values. Inertsil C8-4 provides the same separation pattern (selectivity) and extreme inertness to any type of compounds just like Inertsil ODS-4, which enables easy method transfer from ODS-4 to C8-4 while other commercially available ODS and C8 columns c...
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The same base silica gel and bonding technology that is used for Inertsil ODS-3 is also employed for Inertsil C8-3. The difference between the two phases is just the length of the hydrocarbon ligands. 10 μm particle size columns are also available to meet the requirement of various pharmacopeia methods. We recommend InertSustain C8 column...
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Inertsil C8 columns have a pore size of 150 Å and it is recommended for rapid analysis of highly hydrophobic compounds. We recommend InertSustain C8 or Inertsil C8-4 columns for all new method development.
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Inertsil C4 columns have a pore size of 150 Å and is recommended for rapid analysis of highly hydrophobic compounds such as fat-soluble vitamins.
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Inertsil WP300 C8 (wide pore size of 300 Å) columns bring the same legendary performance of Inertsil's narrow-pore HPLC products to columns designed specifically for the reproducible rapid separations of proteins and peptides. Inertsil WP300 C8 delivers rapid analysis with sharper peaks compared to Inertsil WP300 C18.
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Inertsil WP300 C4 is a butyl group bonded phase utilizing silica gel with wide pores (300 Å). Also, an optimal polar group is embedded between silica surface and butyl group, which reduces adsorption of basic compounds and fat-soluble proteins. Inertsil WP300 C4 is recommended for the analysis of large, highly fat-soluble proteins and pep...
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InertSustain PFP columns are bonded with pentafluorophenyl groups to our newly developed ES silica gel, which delivers unique separation patterns with excellent peak shape and sensitivity. The chromatographic difference stems from the fact that the PFP phases provide interactions such as π-π, dipole, hydrogen bonding, and ionic interactio...
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InertSustain Phenylhexyl columns are bonded with phenylhexyl groups, which employs a phenyl ring with a hexyl (6- carbon) linker and is densely bonded to our newly developed ES silica gel delivering complementary selectivity to straight alkyl-chain columns, but with industry leading inertness, lot-to-lot reproducibility and low back press...
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InertSustain Phenyl delivers an extremely unique reverse phase characteristics that are critical to resolving compounds that could not be separated on a C18 or C8 phase. InertSustain Phenyl provides not only pi-pi interactions, but also hydrogen bonding secondary interactions, which results in retaining polar compounds at the same time. A...
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Just like InertSustain Phenyl, Inertsil Ph-3 has phenyl groups directly bonded to the silica gel which provides pure reverse phase characteristics that are critical to resolving highly polar compounds like acidic and basic pharmaceuticals. The near perfect phenyl phase coverage on this material results in symmetric, narrow peaks for even ...
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Inertsil Ph has phenethyl groups bonded to silica gel which offers weak pi-pi interactions. As it is modified with phenethyl groups, hydrophobic interactions between alkyl chain and analytes play an important role in separation as well as π-π interactions. To change the selectivity or elution pattern drastically, InertSustain Phenyl is re...
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In general, the stability and reproducibility of the Cyano phase available in the market are poor. Many batch-to-batch or lot-to-lot reproducibility issues are occurring at many laboratories. The InertSustain Cyano columns were developed to resolve these problems and are designed using the most modern LC column technology available provid...
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Reversed Phase Column Specification

ColumnFeaturesUSP CodeParticle Size (µm)Pore Size (nm)Surface Area (m2/g)Carbon LoadingEnd-CappingInertness
Recommended pH range
InertSustain C18First choice with ultra high inertness and high durabilityL12, 3, 5, 101035014Yes★★★★★1 - 10
InertSustain AQ-C18First choice for high polar compoundsL1, L961.9, 3, 51035013Yes★★★★★1 - 10
InertSustainSwift C18First analysis with ultra high inertness and high durabilityL11.9, 3, 5202009Yes★★★★★1 - 10
InertSustain AX-C18Analysis of anionic highly polar compoundsL1, L783, 5202008Yes★★★★1 - 9
InertCore Plus C18Ideal for analyses requiring a high number of theoretical stagesL12.6920015Yes★★★★1 - 10
Inertsil ODS-HLUltra high retentivity, High-density bonding of C18 phaseL13, 51045023Yes★★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-4Ultra high inertness, High plate count, Medium retentivityL12, 3, 51045011Yes★★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-4VInertsil ODS-4 Validated columnL13, 51045011Yes★★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-3Strong retentivity, Lower column backpressure, Very inertL12, 3, 4, 5, 101045015Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-3VInertsil ODS-3 Validated columnL13, 51045015Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-SPWeak retentivity, for hydrophobic compoundsL13, 5104508.5Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-PHigh steric selectivityL13, 51045029None★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-EPA polar functional group embeddedL15104509None★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil WP300 C18Analysis of high moleculesL15301509Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODS-2Ultra pure silica gel is usedL151532018.5Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil ODSInertness 1st generationL15,101035014Yes★★2 - 7.5
InertSustain C8First choice with ultra high inertness and high durabilityL72, 3, 5103508Yes★★★★★1 - 10
InertSustainSwift C8High inertness and high durability C8 columnL71.9, 3, 5202006Yes★★★★★1 - 10
Inertsil C8-4Ultra high inertness, High plate count, Low retentivityL72, 3, 5104505Yes★★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil C8-3Strong retentivity, Lower column backpressure, Very inertL72, 3, 5, 10104509Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil C8Ultra pure silica gel is usedL751532010.5Yes★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil C4Low retentivityL265153207.5Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil WP300 C8Suitable for high moleculesL75301504Yes★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil WP300 C4 L265301503 ★★★★2 - 7.5
InertSustain PFPExtremely Strong retention of highly polar basic compounds.L433, 51035010Yes★★★★★2 - 7.5
InertSustain PhenylhexylStrong π-π interactions and hydrophobic interactionsL113, 5103509Yes★★★★★1 - 10
InertSustain PhenyExtremely strong π-π interactionsL112, 3, 51035010 ★★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil Ph-3Strong π-π interactionsL112, 3, 5104509.5 ★★★2 - 7.5
Inertsil PhHigh inertness, Weak π-π interactionsL1151532010Yes★★★2 - 7.5
InertSustain CyanoUltra inertness and can be used in reversed phase modeL103, 5103508Yes★★★★2 - 7.5

Comparison of Phases

The figure below shows the strength of the stereoselectivity and the pi-interaction with respect to the holding strength of the reversed-phase column. The retention strength, stereoselection system, and strength of pi-interaction are based on the retention coefficient of amylbenzene, retention ratio of o-terphenyl and triphenylene, and retention ratio of amylbenzene and triphenylene, respectively. These are plotted below. In addition, the polar group-encapsulating (embed) type column provides a large effect on other interactions; thus, it was plotted in the type in order to distinguish it from the other columns.

Comparison of stereoselectivity between GL Sciences reversed phase columns
Strength of pi electron interaction between GL Sciences reversed phase columns

Selectivity Comparison of Reversed Phase Columns with Sample analytes

Selectivity of reversed-phase columns are compared under the same conditions, packing material size and column size. Chemical structural formulas used for the comparison are shown at right. Separation differences between basic compounds, acidic compounds, alkyl benzenes and polyaromatic compounds shows the differences of column selectivity. The more silanol groups on the packing material lead the later elution time of caffeine compared with that of phenol. The higher hydrophobicity of the column shows the later elution time of n-Amylbenzene compared with that of n-Butylbenzene. The higher steric selectivity of the column shows the later elution time of Triphenylene compared with that of o-Terphenyl. 

Analytes for selectivity comparison
Set of Spectra for GL Sciences Reverse phase columns
Set of Spectra for GL Sciences Reverse phase columns 2

Reversed Phase Column Selection

For Molecular Weight <5,000

Reversed phase column selection for molecular weight less than 5000

For Molecular Weight >5,000

Reversed phase column selection for molecular weight more than 5000

For Highly Polar Compounds

Reversed phase column selection for highly polar compounds

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