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GT020 - Analysis of Fatty Acids in Atmosphere with MonoTrap

InertCap Pure-WAX
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MonoTrap is a hybrid novel adsorbent that combines a large surface area and the properties of silica gel, activated carbon, and ODS. Utilizing the surface of porous silica, it can be used as a tool that makes use of the large surface area and the adsorbent effect caused by the inclusion of activated carbon for high collection efficiency and for short time and sensitive analysis. In this study, we used MonoTrap DCC18 (with activated carbon) to recover and analyze airborne fatty acids. Activated carbon is effective in collecting polar components such as acid, which can efficiently collect low concentrations of fatty acids. The highly inert WAX-column InertCap Pure-WAX is the optimal column for fragrance components analyses. It is recommended to use this medicine in conjunction with MonoTrap. Column :InertCap Pure-WAX (Cat.No.1010-68142) 0.25 mm I.D.×30 m df=0.25 μm


Acetic acid
Butyric acid
Caproic acid
Enanthic acid
Propionic acid
Valeric acid


InertCap Pure-WAX