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GT016 - Easy Enrichment of Aging Body Odor with MonoTrap

InertCap Pure-WAX
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MonoTrap is a hybrid novel adsorbent that combines a large surface area and the properties of silica gel, activated carbon, and ODS. Due to the large surface area of porous silica and the adsorption effect caused by the inclusion of activated carbon, a high collection efficiency is obtained. Therefore, high-sensitivity analysis can be performed in a short time. In this study, we used MonoTrap DCC18 (with activated carbon) to perform simple enrichment analyses of aging odors in men in their 70s. At bedtime, enrichment analysis can be easily performed by simply attaching it to the collar. We were able to identify trans-2-Nonenal, an odorous ingredient of aging. We were also able to confirm that the ingredients of the paint applied by the subjects at bedtime were also collected. Due to the large surface area of MonoTrap, a large amount of information was obtained with high sensitivity, even in solvent-extraction, where sample loading is large and dilutions are of concern. The highly inert WAX-column InertCap Pure-WAX is the optimal column for fragrance components analyses. It is recommended to use this medicine in conjunction with MonoTrap.


Diisopropyl adipate


InertCap Pure-WAX