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Product Detail

New HPLC Column Improves Separation of DNPH-Acrolein and DNPH-Acetone

Inertsil Acrolein C18 provides rapid separation of DNPH-Acetone and DNPH-Acrolein under "generic" acetonitrile/water mobile phases conditions, which appears to be unique among commercially available HPLC columns.

Acrolein and other relatively low mw carbonyl compounds (aldehydes and ketones, including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acetone, propionaldehyde, etc.) are widely distributed outdoors and indoors and can pose significant health risks; hence the interest in capturing and quantifying these compounds and quickly and efficiently as possible.

Variety of GC, HPLC, SPE, Air Sample Collection Pumps and Air Sample Collection Bags Offered by GL Sciences.

In addition to Inertsil Acrolein C18 HPLC columns, GL Sciences also manufactures GC columns, SPE products containing silica particles coated with dinitrophenylhydrazine for capturing Acrolein and other carbonyl compounds (whereafter DNPH-derivatives are analyzed by HPLC and UV detection), SPE cartridges combined with thermal desporption for analysis of VOCs by GCMS (routinely used in Japan by vehicle manufacturers to measure levels of VOCs emitted by polymers used to manufacturer interior components of autos, etc.), Sampling Pumps (SP208) which pump air into Sample Collection Bags (GL Sciences' Smart Bag or Tedlar Bags (trademark of EI Dupont) which is useful for auto interiors as well as auto exhaust from internal combustion engines.

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  • Inertsil Acrolein C18 Separates DNPH-Acetaldehyde Isomers

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