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Phos-TiO Phosphopeptide Enrichment

GL Sciences has been manufacturing extremely pure Titanium Dioxide microparticles for many years, and has recently introduced the most efficient producs available for phosphopeptide enrichment from proteolytic digests or other complex matrices.

GL Sciences' Phos-TiO Kits are the latest addition to our proteomics portfolio. These kits contain centrifuge spin columns, conditioning and washing buffers, along with waste and collection tubes for both individual column processing and 96-well plate bulk processing. The titanium dioxide particles contained in the spin columns (available in 1mg/10uL and 3mg/200uL sizes) is specially treated to maximize selectivity for phosphorylated species, and the conditioning and washing buffers contain components to displace the few non-phosphorylated compounds which might originally adhere to the media.

This same specialized media is now available in 50mg/3mL and 100mg/3mL spin columns for larger scale/volume purifications.

Large scale Phos_TiO TiO Phosphopeptide Columns, 50mg/3mL and 100mg/3mL sizes

Desalting Phosphopeptide-Enriched Samples

GL-Tip™ SDB and GL-Tip™ GC Desalting of TiO2-Enriched Samples Prior to LC/MS Phosphopeptides isolated using TiO2-based medias are typically desalted prior to analysis by LC/MS, typically using a C18 (hydrophobic) micropipette tip.. GL Sciences’ SDB (styrene divinylbenzene) and GC (graphite carbon) centrifugeoperated micropipette GL-TipsTM retain more hydrophobic and hydrophilic peptides, respectively, than C18-based tips.

Highly Retentive for Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Peptides

GL-TipTM SDB are more hydrophobic than C18 medias and allow retention of a wider range of phosophopeptides with high yield, allowing more accurate analysis of phosphopeptide species present in the sample. GL-TipTM GC retain many more hydrophilic phosphopeptides than does C18; by using a combination of GL-TipTM SDB and GC, almost all peptide samples can be de-salted without sample losses due to lack of retention. Easy to Operate Phosphopeptide-enriched samples are easily loaded, washed, and eluted using the same centrifuge-based technique used with Phos-TiO tips.

MonoTip-TiO Phosphopeptide Enrichment Pipette Tips

MonoTip TiO pipette-based columns contain GL Sciences’ silica monolith completely coated with nanoparticles of titanium dioxide.

MonoTip TiO was GL Sciences’ first TiO2 based product for low-pressure phophopeptide enrichment, and offers the convenience of rapid enrichment and are widely used today; however, Phos- TiO centrifuge-spin columns contain an advanced form of TiO2 which provides superior selectivity and capacity and allows many individual samples to be processed simultaneously. (For new customers, we recommend evaluating Phos-TiO products as a first choice.)

MonoTip C18 pipette tips (compare to Waters' ZipTip) are available for desalting and micro-SPE / Sample Enrichment of non-phosphorylated peptides and proteins.

MonoTip are easy to use - samples are easily loaded, washed, and eluting using a pipette (single or multiple port). MonoTip TiO pipette tips are used for sample volumes of 50 - 200 μL, with approximately 5ug of phosphopeptide bound per tip. Owing to the open prorosity of the monolith contained in these tips, samples can be eluted with small volumes, thereby substantially concentrating phosphopeptides

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1403024 5010-21309Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit, Centrifuge Columns, 1mg / 10uL, 24/pkg220
1403096 5010-21310Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit, Centrifuge Columns, 1mg / 10uL, 96/pkg770
1404024 5010-21311Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit, Centrifuge Columns, 3mg / 200uL, 24/pkg220
1404096 5010-21312Titansphere Phos-TiO Centrifuge Columns, 3mg / 200uL, 96/pkg770
140001 5010-21514Tube Adaptor for 10uL- 200uL Phos-TiO Tips, 24/pkg, reusable73
140002 5010-21340Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit 96 Well Adaptor, 10uL, reusable88
140003 5020-21341Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit 96 Well Adaptor, 200uL, reusable132
5010-21290 5010-21290Titansphere Phos-TiO Centrifuge Columns, 50mg / 3mL, 25/pkg1078
5010-21291 5010-21291Titansphere Phos-TiO Cetnrifuge Columns, 100mg / 3mL, 25/pkg2090
1400B500 5010-75000Titansphere 5 micron bulk media, 500mg, vial440
1352B500 5020-75010Titansphere 10 micron bulk media, 500mg, vial440
1400096 5010-21005MonoTip TiO, 10-200uL, 96/pkg594
1400008 5010-21006MonoTip TiO, 10-200uL, 8/pkg99
1400024 5010-21007MonoTip TiO, 10-200uL, 24/pkg297
7820-11200 7820-11200GL-Tip SDB  96/pkg, 200 uL310
7820-11201 7820-11201GL-Tip GC, 96/pkg, 200uL644
140004 5010-21342Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit 96 Well Adaptor, 200uL, reusable, 2/pkg264
140004 5010-21342Titansphere Phos-TiO Kit 96 Well Adaptor, 200uL, reusable, 2/pkg264
5010-21315 5010-21315Titansphere Phos-TiO Bulk Media, 10um, 500mg660