MonoSpray Monolith ESI Emitter

Micro- and nano- scale high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) combined with mass spectrometry have been powerful analytical tool for bio-analyses. To achieve high efficiency and sensitivity in LC/MS, many researchers investigated capillary column, electrospray emitter and microfluidic device. In the last decade, silica- and polymer-based monoliths have been widely studied due to their unique structures that have many advantages as separation media. Monolith structure was prepared in fused silica tube without any frits, and produced higher column efficiency. Therefore monolith column was wildly investigated in capillary HPLC and CE. In addition, the structure of silica based monolith was easily controlled by starting material. Thus, monolithic silica capillary column with various chromatographic properties suitable for analytical application could be prepared. GL Sciences has introduced silica-based monoliths with various structures , which were employed as electrospray emitter. In this work, we proved the properties and performances of silica monolith with electrospray emitter for LC/MS.

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140805005 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.0589
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140810005 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.189
140810020 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.1299
140905001 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.05213
140905004 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.05575
140907501 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.075213
140907504 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.075575
140910001 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.1213
140910004 MonoSpray ESI Emitter500.1575