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InertSep SPE Products

GL Sciences’ InertSep SPE products contain sorbents are created using the same advanced silicas and bonding technologies as those used to create Inertsil HPLC packings. Therefore, InertSep SPE cartridges and 96-well plates show exceptional purity, excellent reproducibility, high recoveries/low non-specific binding, low- to non-existent backgrounds from reagents used to manufacture the column housing, and rugid durability over a wide pH range.

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0101S030V010  InertSep RP-1 Barrel SPE 30mg/1ml 100/pkg195
0101S060V030  InertSep RP-1 Barrel SPE 60mg/3ml 100/pkg242
0101S230V005  InertSep Mini RP-1 Barrel SPE 230mg 50/pkg362
0101S250V060  InertSep RP-1 Barrel SPE 250mg/6ml 30/pkg174