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FastRemover Protein Removal Sample Preparation Plates

FastRemover™ is a 96-well type filter plate ideal for preparing precipitated protein samples. High-throughput processing of plasma samples is performed simply, accurately, and reproducibly.

The 96-Well Plate design created by GL Sciences maximizes sample yield; the unique design of the outlet nozzle and the filtration membrane results in miniscule - to - no irretrievable sample solution in the well plate. Hence, trace analytes can be processed using FastRemover without fear of signal reduction.
The high-purity polymer used to manufacture the 96-well plate contains virtually no leachable resins, plasticers, or other contaminants that might otherwise interfere with high-sensitivity analysis. Microparticulates are completely removed so collect sample solutions are ready for direct injection on LC/MS/MS platforms.
The data shown in the sliding panelbar at right includes typical operating conditions, expected performance, and the lack of non-specific binding of small molecules by the protein-removal membrane.

*Compare FastRemover to competitive products such as Agilent Captiva or Waters Sirocco and expect superior performance.

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