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LD239 Helium Leak Detector

Gas leaks can cause detector noise and baseline instability, shorten column life and waste expensive carrier gas. Liquid leak detectors, although inexpensive, can contaminate your GC system. GL Sciences' LD239 leak detector, introduced in 2012 (and replacing it's predecessor, the LD229) is an easy way to quickly identify leaks in your system - check your valves, fittings, and traps for leaks after every maintenance, and after thermal cycling as these can loosen some types of fittings.
LD239 provides the most sensitive He leak detection available in an inexpensive, compact, easily chared (via USB), and easy to use configuration.

Download He Leak Detector LD239 Specs View LD239 Specifications
Download He Leak Detector LD239 Instruction Manual  View LD239 Instructions

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LD229 Helium Leak Detector

This information is included for historical reference only.  LD229 has been replaced by the new and improved LD239, and is no longer available.